Tea Wedding Favors

If you are tea lovers like we are, you'll love this tea party favors that we have in store for you.

Having tea while enjoying a pleasant company or conversation with your loved one is certainly a relaxing and romantic thing to do. Teas definitely help start conversations in many ways, so why not have a tea bomboniere as your wedding gifts? your guests will certainly love them as much as you do.

Like this wedding tea gift, a mutan White tea with a touch of lemon-vanilla to taste, nicely offset with pink rose petals. This bigger size tea wedding favors is just the perfect gift for your parents on the big day as well as your bridal party tea party favors!


or how about this smaller size wedding tea favors, this elegant tea is a special tea bonbonniere that you could give out to your wedding guests.


For high tea party lovers, this tea party favors will certainly delight your guests. This truly beautiful favors is a miniature version of the finest china, down to the artistically beautiful detail of these little porcelain teacups. Simply ideal for tea parties and other elegant events.


There are more tea favors for other occasion that you could gift to your families and friends.  Head on to our tea favors section and let love brews in the air!


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Wedding Aisle Runner .. Do You Need One?

If you are having a Ceremony Outdoor, or if you are trying to decorate your Wedding Ceremony Place to match your Wedding Theme,

or... Since Your "Big Day" is such a Special Day... you want to have most items personalised to make it more memorable.. then choosing the right wedding aisle runner will help you achieve this.


Imagine how glamorous your walk down the aisle is going to be with the above Vintage Personalised Aisle Runner! With a design that's sure to enchant, this line is a beautiful way to help theme your big day and give your guests a little taste of what your wedding will be all about. Decorate your way to the altar with this exquisite aisle runner.

For an outdoor ceremony, or if you are looking for aisle runner for grass.. this Burlap Wedding Aisle Runner will be a perfect match.


Or if you simply want a traditional "Single Use" wedding aisle runner, because your ceremony venue doesn't have one, it doesn't have to be costly. With this Non-Woven Fabric White Aisle Runner, it will surely save your budget, while it is resistant to tearing.


As you can see now, wedding aisle comes in various designs to match your wedding theme.


So get creative, and choose your unique aisle runner to add the romance ambience to your wedding ceremony.

Love is in the Air!

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Flower Girl Baskets

These days, there are many stylish ready-made flower girl baskets that can carry full bouquets or bunches of petals for showering on the newlywed couple at the end of their wedding ceremony. There are also several DIY options.


A nice touch is to match your flower girl baskets with the theme of your big day.

How about this Seaside Allure Flower Girl Baskets to match your Beach Wedding Theme. A band of embroidered seashells with starfish detail on a beautiful water blue linen look fabric make this beach collection very alluring. Top it off with a silver starfish and you have a breath taking theme for your wedding. Your flower girl will look adorable carrying this basket with her all day.


Or say, you are having a Garden Theme Wedding Party, won't this gorgeous Butterfly Dreams Flower Girl Basket will perfectly match that and you could imagine any flower girl would love to carry this pretty basket with them.


If you are after a simple yet Elegant and Stylish option, perhaps you could consider the popular Pure EleganceWhite Flower Girl Basket, they would surely give an elegant entrance to your Flower Girls when they are walking the wedding ceremony aisle.


On the other hand, if you are after the non-traditional look of flower girl baskets, how about these for options:


This adorable Faux Moss and Wicker Basket will make any flower girl feel like a woodland princess. This basket comes lined so if it's not being used as a flower girl basket, you can fill it with floral décor at your reception, or use it to display your programs at the ceremony. No matter what you decide to put inside, the woodland charm it adds will be sure to impress.

Or, how about this Classic and Elegant Crystal Petal Purse? A petal purse is a stylish new alternative to the traditional flower girl basket. It will look totally distinctive and modern serving as the container for her petals as your adorable flower girl makes her way down the aisle. In addition, what little girl wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a pint size purse that can be used for the remainder of the day to tote very important things such as treats and teddy bears!


A petal purse is a stylish new alternative to the traditional flower girl basket and a Weddingstar exclusive. It will look totally distinctive and modern serving as the container for her petals as your adorable flower girl makes her way down the aisle. In addition, what little girl wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a pint size purse that can be used for the remainder of the day to tote very important things such as treats and teddy bears! - See more at: http://www.weddingfavoursaustralia.com.au/products/the-crystal-colour-personality-petal-purse#sthash.ApoITBXB.dpuf
Choosing a beautiful and stylish flower girl baskets, will not only add a nice touch to your wedding, it will surely make your beautiful flower girl walk with a big smile on her face.


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GRAND LAUNCH - 50% SITE Wide on our Sister Company!

We are celebrating the Grand Launching of our Sister Company - Sydney Candle Studio. And as our Valued Subscribers, we are offering you a ONCE in a LIFETIME Deal!

50% OFF Site Wide on any Sydney Candle Studio items! Technically, it is a BOGOF Offer (Buy One Get One Free Offer), and you won't see this offer again!
Whether you are thinking of preparing a "House Warming" Gift , or if you are a Savvy Shopper, and want to shop and save in advance for your "Christmas Shopping".

(or Hints for Our Brides to be: If you haven't got your Bomboniere/ Bridal Party Gift yet, you have just got yourself a Bargain! The lovely candle jar is perfect as a gift).

There is no minimum or maximum order. Spread the News to your Relatives and Friends, as this offer will Expire on the 21st of July 2016!

Head on to Sydney Candle Studio(www.sydneycandlestudio.com.au), and for a limited time, use this Coupon Code for the 50% OFF SITE WIDE: GRAND
Sydney Candle Studio (SCS) appreciates the “hand-made” concept, therefore every step of the candle making process have someone’s hands involved in it. It has given SCS such joy to be able to handmade its candles and bring great delights to its customers.

SCS's candles are made using soy wax, lead-free cotton core wicks, fine fragrance oils, and high quality inspired packaging. The Jars are then finished off with a simple label and silver lid. Each candle is hand poured, packaged, and shipped from their Sydney studio.
So what are you waiting for? HEAD ON TO Sydney Candle Studio (www.sydneycandlestudio.com.au), and grab your limited time HALF PRICE Offer, and use this Coupon Code for the 50% OFF SITE WIDE: GRAND (Offer Expires 21st of July 2016).

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Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings can serve as multi purpose on a wedding table. Napkin Ring can be used to add elegance to any table top display, or as a decorative element added to candles or table favours, or used to display a place card, the over all effect will be a perfect complement for a wide range wedding themes or colour palettes. 

Gold Napkin Rings and Silver Napkin Rings (like the pictured below) are among those common napkin rings Australia brides and grooms love to use.


But if you are after something less traditional, there are other options of Napkin Rings you could choose to match your taste or wedding themes.

This Vintage Floral Inspired Napkin Ring will make each guests plate shine. With their aged finish and jewelled accents, they're a simple yet beautiful way to add glamour to your reception.


or if you have a Rustic / Woodsy or Outdoor Wedding, perhaps you might want to consider this Wood Veneer Bracked Napkin Ring


Simply wrap these versatile veneer cards around napkins or even wine or décor bottles as charming place cards or table numbers. The perfectly rounded edges pop out to give them an attractive appeal. Write on them with our Calligraphy Markers to create elegant script with ease. 

There you have it, another small element in your wedding reception accessories that you could use to add that extra elegance touch to your wedding decor. 


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Custom Rubber Stamps

To Give Your Wedding A Personalised look, You could use Custom Rubber Stamp on everything from your wedding invitations to your favour bags. Custom made or customised rubber stamps will certainly help making your wedding stationeries or favours more personalised - in style.

Why Choose Personalised Rubber Stamps?
People choose custom rubber stamps for a few reasons, some choose it for economical reason, some choose it because of the way it looks.


You could use this "Burlap Chic Thank You Personalised Rubber StampDesign" on everything from your wedding invitations to your favour bags.

Take a loot at this personalised Coaster , using a "Woodland Pretty Personalised Monogram Antler Textured Rubber Stamp", it creates whole new look on a plain coaster. 


Use this on your wedding statinery (invitations , RSVP Card, etc), and not only you'll have personalised stationery, you'll save on printing costs, and this will definitely help you save on your wedding budget.


and Personalised Rubber Stamps come in various designs these days, so it doesn't necessarily have to be in a text format. Just take a look at a few cute animal designs below:

Woodland Style Deer Personalised Rubber Stamps

We hope with today's post, you could see some examples of how custom rubber stamps are being put in practical use. Not only it could be a more economical way of giving your wedding a personalised touch, it also gives a stylish and unique look on where you put this custom stamps on.

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Wedding Candles

You can see candles almost in any weddings. Whatever wedding themes you are having, you can certainly say wedding candles will be involved in some ways. Whether it is at a wedding ceremony, or wedding receptions, candles for wedding are being used for a few purpose.

Let's take a look on how candles are utilised in a wedding.

1. In a Wedding Ceremony.
Unity Candle is sometimes performed to symbolize the joining together of the two families, and their love for the bride and the groom, into one united family that loves the new husband and wife. More often it is to symbolize the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment.


As we always say, everything doesn't have to be plain or boring, like this "Beverly Clark The Crowned Jewel Collection Unity Candle". Make a statement with this elegant Unity Pillar Candle inspired by nothing less than royalty.

If you prefer to add some personal touch on your wedding ceremony, you can personalise your Unity Candles, which add more uniqueness and you can bring it home to remind you the unity between you and your partner.


Make a statement with this elegant Unity Pillar Candle inspired by nothing less than royalty. - See more at: http://www.weddingfavoursaustralia.com.au/products/beverly-clark-the-crowned-jewel-collection-unity-candle-1#sthash.0MTjyfeV.dpuf
2.  As Wedding Decorations or Wedding Centerpieces.

We covered Wedding Centerpieces in our April post, and you'll be able to see on that article, how candles are being used stylishly as decorations and wedding centerpieces.

Combine candles with the stylish candle holders, then you'll have a stylish wedding decorations and a romantic ambience in your wedding.



3. You could use wedding candles as Wedding Bombonieres to give out to your Guests.


How about handing these Personalised Vanilla Scented Candle Tins to your Wedding Guests? We bet your guests will love them, and light them up at their home. 

or your guests will surely be glad to receive some of the uniqely designed candle bombonieres like this Cinderella Wedding Carriage Candle


or this Miniature Teacup Tealight Holders


Now you have seen how wedding candles are being used in wedding, it's your turn to think on where you'll include this in your own wedding.

Happy planning.


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