Engraved Gifts - Long Lasting Gifts For Any Occasions

A Keepsake is meant to be long lasting, and in today's article, we will share gift ideas that could be long lasting, practical and unique at the same time. And with our in-house designer and in-house resources, we are able to offer these personalised engraved gifts at a very low cost.

Engraved gifts come in variety of shapes and forms, our most popular engraved gifts, is this Personalised Engraved Wine Glasses - Wedding Design


Engraved Gifts are more long lasting than printed gifts, as engraving process doesn't use ink, so it wouldn't fade away. There are a few materials that laser engraving machine could engrave on, and at Wedding Favours Australia, we are continuously looking for more unique ways to personalise your gifts to make it unique, while maintaining the great quality and practicality at the same time.

These Personalised Engraved Shot Glasses, are another popular wedding bomboniere that our bride and groom love. You've taken a shot at love, now take a shot at wedding favours your guests will adore! Not only these are practical and unique wedding gifts, this personalised engraved shot glass is also very affordable (as low as $2.95 each).


The personalised shot glasses also come in a smaller size. These 30ml Engraved Mini Shot Glasses are a cute mini favours that could wedding guests will fall in love with.


Engraving doesn't have to be a plain boring text, but it could also be in designs/ pictures of your favourite. We have also designed a few designs for other occassions, like mother's day gifts, birthday gifts, and many more other special occasions.

As mother's day is approaching, this Personalised Engraved Mother's Day Gifts make an excellent gift ideas for many mums. We are pretty sure any mums have their own favourite drink, and these engraved wine glass/ tumber could also be your mum's favourite drink glass. (PS we love this glass, and we are using them for our favourite morning coffee or tea too.) Whatever your favourite drink is, where you drink from (ie your cup or your glass), could somehow give you a particular ambience or feeling.


Our Personalised Engraved Coasters are also another popular and affordable wedding favors.


Or if you are beer lover, with 2 sizes to choose from, our Personalised or Engraved Beer Glasses will surely catch your eye.


Engraving results give you that crisp and elegant look, and more importantly, it would certainly be a long lasting keepsake that one could keep for a long time. Keep an eye on this space for more unique engraving gifts ideas that you'll love.

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All Wedding Decoration and Accessories Needs under One Roof

Avoid the "Bridezillas" Symptoms! Save Your Time and Money by Finding all your Wedding Decorations and Wedding Accessories needs under one roof.

Go through this post and treat them as a checklist for your wedding decor:

1. Bridal Garters
Find your perfect wedding garters to toss or to keep. In Australia, the tradition of tossing wedding garters is quite popular, and fun to include as part of your wedding program (we posted an article about tradition of the garter toss in previous article, you could read them here)


2. Wedding Cake Toppers
Bride and Groom Cake Toppers are one of the way to personalise your wedding cake, it is also one of the many wedding Cake Decorating Ideas. Personalised your Wedding Cake Toppers with the Groom's and Bride's Hair Colour, or some of the Acrylic Cake Toppers give you the option to display your name as the cake topper. (Click here to our past article on Cake Toppers)


3. Wedding Guest Book
Find range of Unique Wedding Guestbook or Engagement Guest Book.
If you are after something that aren't so traditional, you could also find many Wedding Guest Book Alternatives (read our past article for some wedding guest book ideas here)


4. Wedding Wishing Well
Wishing Well Ideas, Here you'll find your unique Wedding Wishing Wells; from Wishing Well Box, Birdcage Wishing Well, DIY Wishing Well, Wooden Wishing Well, Suitcase Wishing Well, Garden Wishing Well. Our past article explained why bride and groom love their wedding wishing well.


5. Wedding Signs
From Wedding Welcome Sign, Wedding Ceremony Signs, Wedding Chalkboard Signs, to Personalised Wedding Signs, choose the right wedding signs, it could complement your wedding decorations and create a unique ambience to your wedding. We also wrote an article on "Say it With Signs" previously, read the full article here.


6. Wedding Table Numbers
Stylish Wedding Table Numbers to compliment your wedding decorations.
Our table number holders or stands are exclusively designed with styles that will suit most of our bride's wedding theme. (You could also read our past article on place cards and table numbers here)


7. Table Number Holders
Stylish table number holders to compliment your table number. Our table number stands will suit any of your wedding theme. Match our Wedding Place card holders or Table Number Stands with our range of Table Numbers.


8. Wedding Centerpieces
Wedding Table Centerpieces will elegantly compliment your other table decorations, whether it is candles or flower centerpieces, our table centerpieces range will definitely give you great centerpiece ideas to decorate your wedding tables. 


9. Candle Holders
Ranging from glass candle holders, tealight candle holders, votive candle holders, or if you are looking hanging decorations, hanging candle holders are great eye-catching option, or if you are after something unique, the floating candle holders will certainly impress your guests.


10. Ring Pillow
You'll be sure to find your perfect ring pillows here, or whether you are just looking for some ring bearer ideas, or if you are a dog lover, and wish to have your dog to become your ring bearer, you'll find your cute dog ring bearer here. Enjoy browsing our designer wedding ring pillows.


11. Flower Girl Baskets


12. Wedding Aisle Runner
Choose from Range of our Designer Wedding Aisle Runner, Whether you are after a simple yet elegant white aisle runner or personalised wedding aisle runner, you'll find them all at Wedding Favours Australia


13. Wedding Pens


14. Unity Candle Ceremony
Wedding Unity Candles for your wedding ceremony. This candle ceremony sets are great wedding ceremony ideas.
Our range of unity candle ceremony sets are also great for your wedding ceremony decorations.


15. Wedding Champagne Flutes
If you are after an unique champagne flutes, with your personalised name and message, our range of flute glass and hollow stem champagne flutes will give you plenty of elegant choice, and they are for you to keep after the wedding too.

16. Unity Sand Ceremony
Sand Ceremony Kit for your wedding ceremony. If you can't have candle or prefer other alternative for your wedding ceremony, this sand ceremony sets are great wedding ceremony ideas.
Our range of unity sand ceremony sets are also great for your wedding ceremony decorations.


17. Wedding Cake and Knife Server Set


18. Napkin Rings
Stylish Napkin ring to match your wedding decorations. Silver Napkin rings or Gold Napkin Rings, you will find your perfect napkin rings at Wedding Favours Australia.


19. Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Thank your bridesmaid or bridal party with these unique and gorgeous gift ideas. They have spent all of their day accompanying you on your big day, so it would be nice to surprise them with these bridesmaid gift ideas.

20. Groomsmen Gift Ideas


21. Disposable Wedding Cameras


22. Personalised Napkins
Napkins don't have to be plain white, let's put on some colour and personalised message on them. Whether it is for your beverage needs, luncheon or dinner napkins needs, we have got them all covered.


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Personalised Napkins

Personalisation could cover right down to the smallest part or accessories in your wedding, this includes pretty personalised napkins. These printed napkins could add more colour and personal touch to your wedding table, or to your dessert table. Choose a themed-design to match your wedding theme, and even better, personalise them with your own message.


Use them in your engagement party, bridal shower, or on the wedding day as you can choose from variety of designs, then custom print the wording of these personalised napkins.


Or if you are after more elegant monogram printed napkins, this Monogram Personalised Napkins with Gold Foil Print will give that great elegant touch.


Not only it comes in variety of designs, it also comes with different sizes, so that way, we could have all your cocktail, luncheon or dinner napkins needs covered. All you need to focus on, is to celebrate!


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Creating a Vintage Themed Wedding


When creating a vintage look for your wedding table, you could consider using pieces that could act as decorations and other functions at the same time. Here are a few vintage wedding theme ideas to help you create a vintage look for your wedding table.

Consider choosing a Vintage theme place card holders, this would act as place card holders for your wedding guests’ name, and to complement the other vintage decorations you have on your table. Like this “All that Glitter” Gold Glitter Frame , they will add glam to any fabulous wedding. Use them as place card holders for guests or to name dishes on the buffet. Plus, it can also be used as a wedding bomboniere for your guests to take home.


Not only place card holders, vintage theme wedding table number holders could also make a difference to your wedding table centerpieces. This antique-inspired Wooden frame will add the perfect touch of vintage charm. Use this to highlight your table numbers, family photos, or any other event signage that requires a little finessing.


To add a romantic ambience, you could light up your wedding table with some candles, and consider choosing vintage candle holders as your wedding centerpieces. These Large Glass Globe Votive Candle Holders With Reflective Lace Pattern are so delicate and ultra chic, they will add elegance and grace to any tablescape. The delicate lace pattern is so lovely and provides just the right amount glow.


Last but not least, let’s not forget to thank your dear guests with a vintage themed wedding favors. You have the options to personalise some of these wedding favours too. This Personalised “Eat, Drink & Be Married” Wedding Candle in a Vintage Jar. While it could add a vintage touch to your table, your guests will be delighted at the same time to take home this scented candle and light them up or use them as a home decor at their house. 


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Tea Wedding Favors

If you are tea lovers like we are, you'll love this tea party favors that we have in store for you.

Having tea while enjoying a pleasant company or conversation with your loved one is certainly a relaxing and romantic thing to do. Teas definitely help start conversations in many ways, so why not have a tea bomboniere as your wedding gifts? your guests will certainly love them as much as you do.

Like this wedding tea gift, a mutan White tea with a touch of lemon-vanilla to taste, nicely offset with pink rose petals. This bigger size tea wedding favors is just the perfect gift for your parents on the big day as well as your bridal party tea party favors!


or how about this smaller size wedding tea favors, this elegant tea is a special tea bonbonniere that you could give out to your wedding guests.


For high tea party lovers, this tea party favors will certainly delight your guests. This truly beautiful favors is a miniature version of the finest china, down to the artistically beautiful detail of these little porcelain teacups. Simply ideal for tea parties and other elegant events.


There are more tea favors for other occasion that you could gift to your families and friends.  Head on to our tea favors section and let love brews in the air!


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Wedding Aisle Runner .. Do You Need One?

If you are having a Ceremony Outdoor, or if you are trying to decorate your Wedding Ceremony Place to match your Wedding Theme,

or... Since Your "Big Day" is such a Special Day... you want to have most items personalised to make it more memorable.. then choosing the right wedding aisle runner will help you achieve this.


Imagine how glamorous your walk down the aisle is going to be with the above Vintage Personalised Aisle Runner! With a design that's sure to enchant, this line is a beautiful way to help theme your big day and give your guests a little taste of what your wedding will be all about. Decorate your way to the altar with this exquisite aisle runner.

For an outdoor ceremony, or if you are looking for aisle runner for grass.. this Burlap Wedding Aisle Runner will be a perfect match.


Or if you simply want a traditional "Single Use" wedding aisle runner, because your ceremony venue doesn't have one, it doesn't have to be costly. With this Non-Woven Fabric White Aisle Runner, it will surely save your budget, while it is resistant to tearing.


As you can see now, wedding aisle comes in various designs to match your wedding theme.


So get creative, and choose your unique aisle runner to add the romance ambience to your wedding ceremony.

Love is in the Air!

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Flower Girl Baskets

These days, there are many stylish ready-made flower girl baskets that can carry full bouquets or bunches of petals for showering on the newlywed couple at the end of their wedding ceremony. There are also several DIY options.


A nice touch is to match your flower girl baskets with the theme of your big day.

How about this Seaside Allure Flower Girl Baskets to match your Beach Wedding Theme. A band of embroidered seashells with starfish detail on a beautiful water blue linen look fabric make this beach collection very alluring. Top it off with a silver starfish and you have a breath taking theme for your wedding. Your flower girl will look adorable carrying this basket with her all day.


Or say, you are having a Garden Theme Wedding Party, won't this gorgeous Butterfly Dreams Flower Girl Basket will perfectly match that and you could imagine any flower girl would love to carry this pretty basket with them.


If you are after a simple yet Elegant and Stylish option, perhaps you could consider the popular Pure EleganceWhite Flower Girl Basket, they would surely give an elegant entrance to your Flower Girls when they are walking the wedding ceremony aisle.


On the other hand, if you are after the non-traditional look of flower girl baskets, how about these for options:


This adorable Faux Moss and Wicker Basket will make any flower girl feel like a woodland princess. This basket comes lined so if it's not being used as a flower girl basket, you can fill it with floral décor at your reception, or use it to display your programs at the ceremony. No matter what you decide to put inside, the woodland charm it adds will be sure to impress.

Or, how about this Classic and Elegant Crystal Petal Purse? A petal purse is a stylish new alternative to the traditional flower girl basket. It will look totally distinctive and modern serving as the container for her petals as your adorable flower girl makes her way down the aisle. In addition, what little girl wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a pint size purse that can be used for the remainder of the day to tote very important things such as treats and teddy bears!


A petal purse is a stylish new alternative to the traditional flower girl basket and a Weddingstar exclusive. It will look totally distinctive and modern serving as the container for her petals as your adorable flower girl makes her way down the aisle. In addition, what little girl wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a pint size purse that can be used for the remainder of the day to tote very important things such as treats and teddy bears! - See more at: http://www.weddingfavoursaustralia.com.au/products/the-crystal-colour-personality-petal-purse#sthash.ApoITBXB.dpuf
Choosing a beautiful and stylish flower girl baskets, will not only add a nice touch to your wedding, it will surely make your beautiful flower girl walk with a big smile on her face.


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