Corporate Favours

What I love about our range of unique favours is that it's very versatile and some businesses have realised that and decided to use our favours for promotional purposes. Simply because we have unique and beautiful products that will stand out from the crowd.
Our personalised favours products can be personalised with a company logo and help businesses spread their business name out there. Our products can also be used as company christmas favours, a sweet way to say Merry Christmas to the company's staff.

Some of our popular range, suitable for corporate favours includes Mini Glass Favours Jars, Mini Candy Jars, Round Candy Tin, Round Candle Tin, Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders and last but not least our Mint Tins.
Below is the latest work we've done for a real estate company's promotional item and also another company's christmas party favours.

Photography by Wedding Favours Australia.

Photography by Wedding Favours Australia

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Bomboniere / Wedding Favours, it's something that I think all couples should not overlook. You would want the best for the people you love, so it's only natural that you spend time looking for Thank you gifts that they will adore and cherish.

Gold is one of my favourite colour, it also happens to be the colour my husband and I chose for our wedding. We just think that gold is beautiful, elegant and it added sparkles to our wedding day. If you want a stylish and elegant wedding, then Gold theme wedding is just right for you.

Here's some of my favourite images, they just look even more gorgeous teamed up with our elegant Martha Stewart Gold White Pom Poms Set. They are super easy to set up and you can reuse them again for other event. 

Display your guests' names with our Gold Kissing Bells Place Card Holder  and as another idea, these Gold Kissing Bells can make a great Photo Holder too. Use them as decorations by putting up some of your favourite images as a couple. Your guests would definitely love looking through them.
On the included place cards, one side has space for a name and the other side has a super special message that says: "Today, as we gather together, wish us a love to last forever. If you would like us to share a wedded kiss, ring the bell for lifelong bliss."
And last but not least, this particular bomboniere portrays elegance and will definitely make your guests feel special and appreciated. It is presented in a clear showcase gift box, cream coloured satin ribbon and bow and an oval "For You" tag with gold accents, our "Golden Renaissance" Glass Tealight Holder is just perfect for your Golden day.

Inspirational images by Melissa Schollaert Photography, Aruna B Photography.
Source: Style Me Pretty.

Inspirational images by Melissa Schollaert Photography, Tracey Buyce Photography, 
Vicky Starz Photography. Source: Style Me Pretty.

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Beach Theme is always a popular wedding theme during the warmer months, but many Garden lovers are also planning their wedding during summer. Garden Wedding can be elegant and grand or it can also be casual and simple. You can take it as far as you want to go, just be creative.. be different! Think about you and your husband to be, take on board both your style and personality and your guests will definitely appreciate and admire your creativity and will leave with wonderful memories of your special day..

Some of my suggestions would be: our popular Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder, one of our most popular favour during the warmer months. We also have an alternative to it,  "Evergreen" Window Planter Place Card/Photo Holder. Both can be used as place card holders as well as table decorations. Your guests can also take them home as gifts of appreciation for being there on your special day! For easy but beautiful decorations,you just simply unfold and hang our gorgeous Martha Stewart Green Accordion Lantern. 

One tip, it's definitely something to think about when the day gets really hot. It would also be good if you provide our Paper Parasol with Bamboo Boning for your wedding team. First, you can use these also as photo props and second of all, these will protect your bridesmaids from the heat that can sometimes be overwhelming.
As you can see below, lots of flowers and lots of greens.. Just simply a warm & delightful wedding that people won't forget..

Good luck and don't forget to enjoy !


Source: Style Me Pretty. Photography by: Jen Fariello Photography, Desi Baytam Photography, Caught the Light.

Inspirational images by: Jen Rodriguez Photography, First Comes Love Photography.

Inspirational images by: The Lighter Side, Aaron Delesie Photography, Life is Art Photography, Bethany Belle.

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Lace is a popular theme for many couples who are wanting a Vintage and a Romantic look to their big day. The delicate aura of lace can be found on the table setting as well as the wedding gown. Why not thank your guests too with a Lace Exquisite Frosted-Glass Coasters
Presented in a clear display gift box with wide, silver-satin belly band and white applique with silver accents, imprinted with the word "Lace". 
It completes the look of your Lace Theme Wedding or Vintage Theme Wedding!

Inspirational images taken by Jose Villa Photography. Source: Style Me Pretty.
Inspirational images taken by Ace Photography, Audrey Snow Photography, Justin DeMutiis Photography.
Source: Style Me Pretty.

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Today, your eyes will feast on gorgeous and pretty photos from the wedding of our friend a few weeks ago.. Who knows, you'll find some great idea for your event too from here.. 
That day was also a nostalgia for us, as they used the same church that we got married in. It was a beautiful church with high ceiling, beautiful windows and stone walls.
Here's a glimpse of our wedding photo..

And now to our friend's wedding photos. Their dessert table was done by a friend of ours , Sweet Lady Bug. The cake was apparently done by the groom's cousin.. So lucky of them, the cake looks so beautiful.. The cupcake tasted just as good as they look !

Their colour theme was pink, yellow and dark blue.. Proof that even 3 colour combination could work if you know what you're doing. Just have a look at the wedding cake !

Enjoy !

All the above photos are taken by Wedding Favours Australia.

I think with this wedding theme, their wedding team would be even happier to receive one of this lovely Notepad Favour with Personalised Zinnia Bloom Cover. A thank you gift for their time and efforts on the big day, and for them a big reminder of your important day. Think about it :)

Diana Lie

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Monday, 2 April 2012

Japan to us is very special. We went there for our honeymoon and it was our first trip together. We had so much fun there. There's just too many things to see, our 2 weeks felt like 2 days.. Too bad we couldn't fit everything that we wanted to do and see in the 2 weeks.. One of the things that we didn't see was the famous Cherry Blossom because we went in the month of September. Apparently they bloom around the month of April. We always see in pictures how divine they look in full bloom, up close it will probably be heaven like. This could be a reason to plan our next trip there :)

If you're still thinking what theme to choose for your wedding, this could be the one for you.

Save time looking for your wedding ceremony and reception needs, we have the Cherry Blossom Collection prepared for you in a package so it will definitely save you some cash to use on something else.
If you think you don't need all of these, we also have them separately.

Your guests are the your closest and dearest friends and family, therefore you need to appreciate them being there for you and hubby by giving them something that makes them feel special. These are some of our suggestions:

"Cherry Blossom" Scented Soap, the lovely smell of this scented soap will send your guests home with a delightful memory.

"Cherry Blossoms" Flower Tea Lights, these lovely tea lights can be used as favours or as your table reception decor too. 

On a hot day, these "Cherry Blossoms" Fan with Bamboo Handle favours will definitely come in handy. These are perfect for your outdoor wedding, just leave these on your guests' chairs.

If you love fans, we have another choice for you. This Cherry Blossom Hand Fans comes in a set of 6, so if you have a small wedding this one will suit you better. 

As a final touch, these Martha Stewart Pink Accordion Lantern will definitely add a special touch to your wedding decor. You'll save money with these too as you can reuse them over and over for more of your special events. 

Good luck with your wedding, have a blast !

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Thinking of a Beach Theme Wedding? Look no further, we've got it covered at Wedding Favours Australia. Beach Theme Wedding is always a popular choice in Australia as we have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and with the sun shining, it will be an unforgettable day in your life. Having said that, if the weather does not permit.. why not have it indoors. Decorate with a Beach Theme Decor and it will still be a beautiful wedding. Either way, you'll still have a fabulous day.

First of all, your decorations.. Other than flowers, you can never go wrong with a Martha Stewart lanterns / pom poms. In this case, I would go with a combination of blue and white and there's nothing wrong with using lanterns and pom poms together too if you know how to place / arrange them.

For your guests' tables , you could use our "Seaside" Tea Light Candle Set below, to light up  your wedding reception or simply use them as favours for your guests.

On a hot day, your guests could always use this gorgeous Beach Fan with Delightful Underwater Seascape to cool them down and say thank you to them with this Personalised Square Coral Wedding Favour Tag. 

Cover yourself and your bridesmaids from the sun with this Paper Parasol with Bamboo Boning. These will make great props for your wedding photos too , so be creative with it.

How about providing a photo booth for your wedding reception, it's fun and it will be memorable for you and your guests. Our Palm Trees Banner Personalised Photo Backdrop is just perfect for this. All you have to do is set up a camera with a tripod perhaps and provide other props such as funny hats or glasses and have heaps of fun :)

Last but not least, save time and money with our Beach Theme Wedding Package. It contains a Flower Girl Basket, Garter Set, a Ring Pillow, a Guest Book, a Pen Set, Martha Stewart Blue Accordion Lantern, Martha Stewart Doily Lace White Pom Poms.

Good luck with your wedding, have a blast and don't let the little things that don't go smoothly ruin your big day !

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Wedding Favours Australia specialises in quality and unique favours, and we are proud to be one of the few favours retailers that have a fast turnaround time in some of our personalised favours range, that is twice faster than other favours retailers. 

We are also excited and proud to finally have Martha Stewart Decorations range to join our quality decorations range, offering our customer more creative and inspiring ideas for their wedding or other events.

Feel free to drop your comments or ideas or anything you would like us to post more about, our favours consultant will definitely help you explore the endless possibilities in making your event memorable for you and your guests.

One of our personalised favours "Personalised Wedding Round Candle Tins". This would make a romantic and unique favour for a Garden Themed Wedding. 

One of Kate Aspen's favour or place card holder range, this “Evening in Paris” Eiffel Tower Silver-Finish Place Card/Holder will make a  perfect favour for a European or Destination Themed Wedding. 

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