Today, your eyes will feast on gorgeous and pretty photos from the wedding of our friend a few weeks ago.. Who knows, you'll find some great idea for your event too from here.. 
That day was also a nostalgia for us, as they used the same church that we got married in. It was a beautiful church with high ceiling, beautiful windows and stone walls.
Here's a glimpse of our wedding photo..

And now to our friend's wedding photos. Their dessert table was done by a friend of ours , Sweet Lady Bug. The cake was apparently done by the groom's cousin.. So lucky of them, the cake looks so beautiful.. The cupcake tasted just as good as they look !

Their colour theme was pink, yellow and dark blue.. Proof that even 3 colour combination could work if you know what you're doing. Just have a look at the wedding cake !

Enjoy !

All the above photos are taken by Wedding Favours Australia.

I think with this wedding theme, their wedding team would be even happier to receive one of this lovely Notepad Favour with Personalised Zinnia Bloom Cover. A thank you gift for their time and efforts on the big day, and for them a big reminder of your important day. Think about it :)

Diana Lie


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  1. Al these are stunning & the first photo is very nice. Would you please tell me the photograoher's name. Anyway i am looking for cheap wedding favors.