Monday, 2 April 2012

Japan to us is very special. We went there for our honeymoon and it was our first trip together. We had so much fun there. There's just too many things to see, our 2 weeks felt like 2 days.. Too bad we couldn't fit everything that we wanted to do and see in the 2 weeks.. One of the things that we didn't see was the famous Cherry Blossom because we went in the month of September. Apparently they bloom around the month of April. We always see in pictures how divine they look in full bloom, up close it will probably be heaven like. This could be a reason to plan our next trip there :)

If you're still thinking what theme to choose for your wedding, this could be the one for you.

Save time looking for your wedding ceremony and reception needs, we have the Cherry Blossom Collection prepared for you in a package so it will definitely save you some cash to use on something else.
If you think you don't need all of these, we also have them separately.

Your guests are the your closest and dearest friends and family, therefore you need to appreciate them being there for you and hubby by giving them something that makes them feel special. These are some of our suggestions:

"Cherry Blossom" Scented Soap, the lovely smell of this scented soap will send your guests home with a delightful memory.

"Cherry Blossoms" Flower Tea Lights, these lovely tea lights can be used as favours or as your table reception decor too. 

On a hot day, these "Cherry Blossoms" Fan with Bamboo Handle favours will definitely come in handy. These are perfect for your outdoor wedding, just leave these on your guests' chairs.

If you love fans, we have another choice for you. This Cherry Blossom Hand Fans comes in a set of 6, so if you have a small wedding this one will suit you better. 

As a final touch, these Martha Stewart Pink Accordion Lantern will definitely add a special touch to your wedding decor. You'll save money with these too as you can reuse them over and over for more of your special events. 

Good luck with your wedding, have a blast !


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