Wedding Candles

You can see candles almost in any weddings. Whatever wedding themes you are having, you can certainly say wedding candles will be involved in some ways. Whether it is at a wedding ceremony, or wedding receptions, candles for wedding are being used for a few purpose.

Let's take a look on how candles are utilised in a wedding.

1. In a Wedding Ceremony.
Unity Candle is sometimes performed to symbolize the joining together of the two families, and their love for the bride and the groom, into one united family that loves the new husband and wife. More often it is to symbolize the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment.

As we always say, everything doesn't have to be plain or boring, like this "Beverly Clark The Crowned Jewel Collection Unity Candle". Make a statement with this elegant Unity Pillar Candle inspired by nothing less than royalty.

If you prefer to add some personal touch on your wedding ceremony, you can personalise your Unity Candles, which add more uniqueness and you can bring it home to remind you the unity between you and your partner.

Make a statement with this elegant Unity Pillar Candle inspired by nothing less than royalty. - See more at:
2.  As Wedding Decorations or Wedding Centerpieces.

We covered Wedding Centerpieces in our April post, and you'll be able to see on that article, how candles are being used stylishly as decorations and wedding centerpieces.

Combine candles with the stylish candle holders, then you'll have a stylish wedding decorations and a romantic ambience in your wedding.

3. You could use wedding candles as Wedding Bombonieres to give out to your Guests.

How about handing these Personalised Vanilla Scented Candle Tins to your Wedding Guests? We bet your guests will love them, and light them up at their home. 

or your guests will surely be glad to receive some of the uniqely designed candle bombonieres like this Cinderella Wedding Carriage Candle

or this Miniature Teacup Tealight Holders

Now you have seen how wedding candles are being used in wedding, it's your turn to think on where you'll include this in your own wedding.

Happy planning.



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