Wedding Ceremony Decorations Ideas

Apart from choosing the perfect wedding ceremony venue/ church, choosing the right ceremony decorations will help brighten up and creating a unforgettable romantic scene.

We'll cover from the big element down to the teensy-weensy part of these wedding ceremony decorations.

Let's start from where the bride will walk on when entering the wedding ceremony venue. If you choose an outdoor ceremony, perhaps choosing the right aisle runner might help accentuate the wedding theme you choose. Like these "Burlap Aisle Runner With Delicate Lace Border", place this aisle runner over sand or grass, let the beauty of lace guide you down the aisle with this delicately designed burlap aisle runner. Delightfully intricate white floral lace runs down either side of the runner giving you a perfectly pretty path to your groom.

Even if you are having an indoor ceremony, the option of aisle runner are endless, you even could have them personalised. Designed with vintage glamour as its inspiration, this pretty aisle runner is the perfect accessory to make your walk down the aisle even more special.

Mixing the decorum of vintage designs with present-day notions, this Contemporary Vintage Aisle Runner collection is the perfect combination of aged grace and modern splendour. With a design that's sure to enchant, this is a beautiful way to help theme your big day and give your guests a little taste of what your wedding will be all about. Decorate your way to the altar with this exquisite aisle runner.

Now, let's talk about wedding signs... For wedding reception, normally the hotel/ wedding reception venues would have provided some wedding signs to direct guests to the right place. As for wedding ceremony, you might need to provide some wedding signs as guidance. These wedding signs could help decorate your wedding ceremony too.

This Rustic Country Wedding Directional Sign Help guests find their way.

If you are after something more unique, consider this "Personalised Wooden Multi-Purpose Wedding Signs Boards". These multipurpose signboards are true chameleons. The imperfect finish of the wood etching along with the distressed appearance makes these a perfect fit for a bohemian wedding. Top off the look with your names, wedding date or own personal message and use these signs as directional signage for your guests, or as an accent to your guest book or greeting table.

Want to give your Wedding Entrance a royal treatment?  This Exquisite Personalised Ceremony Banner will do the trick. Not to mention, the beautiful and intricate printed feather design and whimsical font, this banner will definitely make a statement.

Candles and candle light holders will effortlessly create a mood of romance and light the way for your guests. This "Stainless Hanging Candle Holders" with its glass panels make it the perfect accent piece or wedding centerpieces for both your ceremony and reception.

Or with some creativity, you could use your candle holders to hold your other wedding decorations. Take a look at this "Shabby Chic Spindle Candle Holders" being put in good use with its matching decorations.

Wedding kissing balls (also known as pomander balls) make beautiful and inexpensive wedding floral decorations. Use to adorn pews, your reception décor or as a ready-made hand bouquet. Use on their own or combine with fresh flowers or crystal elements to create a dramatic effect.

You could see now, just adding a few of the above decorations, will certainly light up your wedding ceremony. 

You could even use your Sand Ceremony Kit or Unity Candle Kit to add the extra touch to your wedding ceremony decorations. The colourful sands and the unique shape of your sand ceremony vase would be a beautiful reminder that will preserve the moment for years to come.

This "Vintage Inspired Iron Pillar Candle Holder" makes a stylish option with vintage flair for a pillar Unity Candle or general ceremony decor

There you have it... your Wedding Ceremony doesn't have to be boring! Bring some colours, and your wedding them incorporated into your wedding ceremony.


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