Tea Wedding Favors

If you are tea lovers like we are, you'll love this tea party favors that we have in store for you.

Having tea while enjoying a pleasant company or conversation with your loved one is certainly a relaxing and romantic thing to do. Teas definitely help start conversations in many ways, so why not have a tea bomboniere as your wedding gifts? your guests will certainly love them as much as you do.

Like this wedding tea gift, a mutan White tea with a touch of lemon-vanilla to taste, nicely offset with pink rose petals. This bigger size tea wedding favors is just the perfect gift for your parents on the big day as well as your bridal party tea party favors!


or how about this smaller size wedding tea favors, this elegant tea is a special tea bonbonniere that you could give out to your wedding guests.


For high tea party lovers, this tea party favors will certainly delight your guests. This truly beautiful favors is a miniature version of the finest china, down to the artistically beautiful detail of these little porcelain teacups. Simply ideal for tea parties and other elegant events.


There are more tea favors for other occasion that you could gift to your families and friends.  Head on to our tea favors section and let love brews in the air!


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