Engraved Gifts - Long Lasting Gifts For Any Occasions

A Keepsake is meant to be long lasting, and in today's article, we will share gift ideas that could be long lasting, practical and unique at the same time. And with our in-house designer and in-house resources, we are able to offer these personalised engraved gifts at a very low cost.

Engraved gifts come in variety of shapes and forms, our most popular engraved gifts, is this Personalised Engraved Wine Glasses - Wedding Design


Engraved Gifts are more long lasting than printed gifts, as engraving process doesn't use ink, so it wouldn't fade away. There are a few materials that laser engraving machine could engrave on, and at Wedding Favours Australia, we are continuously looking for more unique ways to personalise your gifts to make it unique, while maintaining the great quality and practicality at the same time.

These Personalised Engraved Shot Glasses, are another popular wedding bomboniere that our bride and groom love. You've taken a shot at love, now take a shot at wedding favours your guests will adore! Not only these are practical and unique wedding gifts, this personalised engraved shot glass is also very affordable (as low as $2.95 each).


The personalised shot glasses also come in a smaller size. These 30ml Engraved Mini Shot Glasses are a cute mini favours that could wedding guests will fall in love with.


Engraving doesn't have to be a plain boring text, but it could also be in designs/ pictures of your favourite. We have also designed a few designs for other occassions, like mother's day gifts, birthday gifts, and many more other special occasions.

As mother's day is approaching, this Personalised Engraved Mother's Day Gifts make an excellent gift ideas for many mums. We are pretty sure any mums have their own favourite drink, and these engraved wine glass/ tumber could also be your mum's favourite drink glass. (PS we love this glass, and we are using them for our favourite morning coffee or tea too.) Whatever your favourite drink is, where you drink from (ie your cup or your glass), could somehow give you a particular ambience or feeling.


Our Personalised Engraved Coasters are also another popular and affordable wedding favors.


Or if you are beer lover, with 2 sizes to choose from, our Personalised or Engraved Beer Glasses will surely catch your eye.


Engraving results give you that crisp and elegant look, and more importantly, it would certainly be a long lasting keepsake that one could keep for a long time. Keep an eye on this space for more unique engraving gifts ideas that you'll love.

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